Family vs. Physics – or Family and Physics?

Mo., 30th of November, 2pm

Can I bring a baby to a lecture or to my office? Why do so few physicists in Cologne have kids? Or are there actually a lot? Do I have to choose between my career and becoming a parent or can I do both? Do you know that there are a lot of programs that can support parents that study or work at the university?

On the 30th of November at 14.00 you are welcome to join our event „Family vs. Physics – or Family and Physics?“ in Zoom to learn and discuss these questions and many more.

We will invite experts from the university and the physics department to inform you about the many opportunities offered for parents. Furthermore, some parents will talk about their experience and give some first-hand insights.

But we also want to discuss and hear from YOU: What problems still exist? And how can the university or the physics department help to solve them?

We would like to welcome every physics student and researcher of Cologne who has kids, wants to have kids, or is just generally curious about the topic.
We look forward to see you!

The link to the meeting can be found in the Online-Foyer.
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