Counselling for physical, psychological and other problems

The contact persons of the physics student council for physical, psychological and other problems, also known as Team „Obelix“, are a confidential, student first point of contact for all kinds of difficulties:

  • Stress
  • Study financing
  • Concentration problems
  • Study doubts
  • Contact difficulties
  • All sorts of psychological stresses and strains, such as financial stress, lovesickness, family situations, discrimination, etc…

You can reach us at the following e-mail address: or you can also contact us individually (see below).

Information and Counseling Services at the University

For professional, psychological help, you can also contact the KSTW in the link below
You will find a lot of information in English. There is also an online chat option
The website is in German. But once you register and start the chat, you will be able to find someone to write to in English. If you are facing difficulties, please contact the Obelix team and we will help you out (Your conversations will be confidential)

A comprehensive guide to studying with a disability, chronic or mental illness can be found at: Unfortunately this information is available only in German. Though a translate option will deliver minimal information, you can contact Obelix team in English and we will be happy to lend a ear and find a solution to your problem

Contact points for quick help in case of emergency or crisis

For urgent and acute problems, as well as self-injurious behavior and suicidal thoughts, please contact the following points of contact, most of which are available around the clock:

In crisis or emergency situations, the outpatient departments of the psychiatric clinics are responsible at all hours. An overview of the clinics and catchment areas in the city of Cologne can be found here: (German)

In acute danger situations, please dial

  • 112 for the ambulance and firefighters
  • 110 for the police
  • Hotline can be reached around the clock at 0800-111 0 111, 0800-111 0 222 or 116 123 (calls are free of charge)
  • Online at
  • Nightline Köln, the listening and information hotline by students for students, is available during the lecture period on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays between 9 p.m. and midnight at 0800-470 3500 (calls are free of charge and you will find someone to speak in English)
  • For help with sexualized violence, you can call 08000-116 016 or (In English) around the clock

Pictures of your contact persons from the student council

Portrait of Nikkin


Nikkin's contact

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E-Mailadresse von Maria

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