For International Students

(Updated: 04.04.2022)

Welcome to the international section of the Fachschaft website. Since most of the information on the site is in German, we tried to put together information for new incoming international students. This page will essentially be filled with links which we hope will give you all an overview of information regarding the physics faculty and the first steps in Germany. Also, we recommend that you bookmark this page so you can come back to it later when you’re in need of it 🙂

Note: For the new incoming students of Winter Semester (WS21/22), who have not yet obtained a Visa for travel, can still attend the courses. Many courses might have the option of an online format (lectures and seminar) although university is trying for in-person teaching after a long break. But it is still advised to always check with the teacher of the course for these options.

Courses information

To check physics courses at Cologne University, go to, change language to English on top right. On the left pane, expand Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and click on Department of Physics. In the main pane under Teaching and research, click on Courses. You should be able to access the list of courses with more information when you click on them.

A detailed information of the courses can be found in the module handbook. The long-term planning information under specializations can be used to plan for future semesters. Please note that the plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances. And there are always additional offers not being part of the long-term planning.

For courses at Bonn University, go to Registration for courses and exams at Bonn happen through BASIS. This is possible only AFTER you get your second enrolment certificate (Zweithörerschein) and activating your account using the credentials in that certificate here you do not have it before the start of Bonn courses, please email the teacher and request them to make it available in ILIAS ( which you can access using your Cologne Uni credentials.

You can also take German language courses here as part of the university The course fee for your first course (irrespective of the level of German) can be covered by the BCGS. Mail Petra RIGHT AFTER you register for a German course in the semester so she can take care of the invoice and paperwork

Uni Cologne International website

To get official information for international students, the first stop is the international section under University of Cologne website. You will find information about residence, housing and other first steps. Scroll down and look at each block under Topics

A rough plan of your immediate tasklist after arrival will be as follows

–> Sign a rental contract (We understand that it’s easier said than done)  –> City Registration  –> Open Bank account  –> Apply for Health Insurance  –> Apply for Residence permit  (Can take upto 2 months to obtain) –>  Receive work permit and be eligible to work part-time if needed (Note that you cannot start working before you obtain your work permit along with your residence permit)

ThP Welcome website

A list of more practical information has been organized and put together by the Institute of Theoretical Physics

Online Foyer

As soon as you’re enrolled with the university and obtain your university email ID, use it to register with the Online foyer (an open-source messaging platform for students) and connect with fellow physics students. Also, to use it on the phone, you can download the Mattermost app

Fachschaft newsletter

To stay updated with the events in Fachschaft and new posts, you can subscribe to the newsletter

WiFi and Mobile

Eduroam ( is available on all campus areas. If you need to access scientific articles/protected websites of uni profs, VPN ( can come in handy! You can configure your email in your phone/desktop apps too (

If you buy a prepaid card from a store, you might have to still activate it using your residence permit at a post office. Please do not buy it before you have your residence permit or confirming if you can use it straight away. You can always opt for a SIM card with a contract later.

Semester travel ticket –

The identity card that you obtain is also your semester travel ticket meaning you can use it to travel for free within VRS and NRW regions. Only regional mode of transport is allowed with the semester ticket (No IC and ICE trains). You can take a person/bike with you for free during specific regions/times/days. Look into the website for more information

You can generally find the public transport schedule on Google maps, for a more local and accurate result, try using the VRR app (

As a student there are offers to use the city bikes for free for 30 min everyday. For more information –

Mensa card

To dine at the university canteens for lunch, you might have to get a separate card called the Mensa card. There’s a 5 Euro deposit and you can find in the website when and where you can get the card


The main library ( has study places and books can be borrowed with your ID card (It also works as your library card). There are also sitting places available at the Physics library. Unfortunately, books cannot be borrowed from here by the students, but can always be used within the library.

Buddy Program

The buddy program is a student-run voluntary program, introduced to help incoming students deal with everyday matters. Even if we are not able to find the answers, we hope to point you to the right place where you can find them. Feel free to send an email to and someone from the buddy program will answer you.

Psychological counselling

If you are facing psychological problems or if physical disabilities are hindering your studies, you can and you should contact the Beauftragte für körperliche, psychische und sonstige Beeinträchtigungen people at their emails here –

If you find any broken links, please write to us at and we will update them as soon as possible! Happy studying and again, a warm welcome from our student Fachschaft team.