Program for Master-Beginners Summer Term 17

For all people starting their master studies this term we offer a welcome program:

We want to inform you how to organize your studies, show you the university, discuss questions and problems starting from how to find a flat and not ending with tips on which subject to elect as your specialisation.

And of course we also want you to get to know the people who are already stuying in Cologne:

  • Wendesday, April 12, 11am, Foyer of the Physics‘ Institutes: General infos, guided tour through the university, Barbecue and Lecture Hall Cinema with people already studying in Cologne
  • Tuesday, April 18, at 9.00 – 10.00 h in the seminar room of the II.
    Physical Institute
    We will provide some general information about the course program and -in particular- on dealing with KLIPS2.0. This is a good opportunity to ask questions concerning the study course, the lectures, the lab courses
    etc. Participation is optional but highly recommended!

For any question feel free to contact us:

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