Start of Summer 21 Master Buddy Program

Dear all,

We’ll have an informal gathering where you have an opportunity to get to know your fellow students, see how physics institute looks like and just have some fun!
The program:
  • Online Foyer: what is that and how to use it;
  • A reportage from the physics building: we will guide you through lecture halls and tell you how life without Corona looks like;
  • Get to know our Buddies Team;
  • Musical chairs: find new friends by answering funny questions we prepared for you.
Moreover, there will also be some exciting games we prepared for you. Just join us later using the link:
Friday, April, 11th, 5pm
Please let me know if you have any questions or can`t participate in the event today but still would like to participate in further events of our program.
Hope to see you soon!
Kind regards,
Alla on behalf of Buddies Program Team

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