Program for Master-Beginners Winter Term 16-17

For all people starting their master studies this term we offer a welcome program:

We want to inform you how to organize your studies, show you the university and the different workgroups of the physics institutes, discuss questions and problems starting from how to find a flat and not ending with tips on which subject to elect as your specialisation.

And of course we also want you to get to know the people who are already stuying in Cologne:

  • Friday, 14th of October, 11am, Foyer of the Physics‘ Institutes: General infos, guided tour through the university, Barbecue with people already studying in Cologne
  • Monday, 17th of October, 9 am, Lecture Hall III: Information on how to organize your studies. Afterwards: possibility of personal advice
  • Thursday, 27th of October, 2pm, Foyer of the Physics‘ Institutes: Getting to know the research of the different institutes of the department. Afterwards: Lecture Hall Cinema
  • Friday, 28th of October, 15.45pm, Lecture Hall II: BCGS Opening Event

For any question feel free to contact us:

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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